All In An American Robin’s Day

Robin's Nest

Perfect American Robin’s eggs.

I found this nest on my property recently. Three perfect eggs.  I didn’t check it very often as the mother bird did not like it. But what fun to have this in my yard. Here are the babies a day or two before they left the nest.



Here is the newly fledged baby with a parent. They will beg to be fed nearly non-stop until the parent either gets tired of it or feels it’s time for them to fend for themselves.

Parent bird with newly fledged baby.

Parent bird with newly fledged baby.

Growing up! Babies tend to weigh more than their parents. Robin’s are in the Thrush family, and their babies are beautifully speckled until they molt into their adult plumage. What kind of birds are nesting in your yard?

Young bird learning the ropes.
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One Response to All In An American Robin’s Day

  1. Deb Evers says:

    We had a baby Western Kingbird. He was difficult to i.d. since he didn’t resemble his parents at all!